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About US

We are a vehicle dealership based in UK and Cyprus. We keep stock of Vehicles in Cyprus and you are always welcome to have a look! Our company has its own staff in England and we can provide you with car sales by order, pre-purchase car inspections, transportations to UK port as well as shipping to Cyprus.


You want to import a vehicle from UK? You can always count on us. With our experience and our staff in England we can always find the best deals for you with you with you!  Otherwise you are welcome to come to our premises to have a look of our lovely stock of Vehicles!


Ordering a vehicle from UK (How it works)

You can provide us with all the details of the vehicle of your choice and your budget. Very soon we will come back to you with an answer and a solution. Our staff in UK will have the vehicle of your choice fully inspected. After that get ready because in 22 days you are about to have it in Cyprus!


Stock Vehicles

We keep our own stock of vehicles and you are always welcome to have a look. Our competitive prices and the flexible packages of warranty will give you a good deal for your future vehicle. We also accept part exchange on specific vehicles and models.


Need help for a car loan?

We can provide you with all tools and help you to have your car finances from our Partners at Bank of Cyprus PLC.